Advanced Certificate Course

The ACC's objective is to help graduates and interested candidates to enhance and upgrade their knowledge and abilities so that they become industry ready. The programme helps spread awareness of HPC and parallel programming, C, C++, Analytics & Statistics using Python, OpenMP, MPI libraries, CUDA, OpenCL, OpenACC Read more...

Faculty Development Programme

The objective of the FDP is to enhance and upgrade the knowledge and skills of the faculty members by creating awareness about HPC and related technologies and provide induction training. The selected members will gain the knowledge in the areas of HPC with applications in AI, Embedded and Cyber Security. Read more...

Blended Learning Programme

The BLP objective is to help young people to enhance and upgrade their knowledge and abilities so they may become competitive. The programme helps spread awareness of HPC and parallel programming. With in-depth knowledge of big data analytics, cyber security threats Read more...

AICTE Master Trainer Programme

Master Trainer Programme in High-Performance Computing (HPC) is an advanced training initiative aimed at developing expertise in the use and teaching of HPC technologies. These programmes are often designed to enhance the capabilities of professionals and educators in various scientific, engineering Read more...

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About C-HUK

C-DAC Bengaluru, under the aegis of Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY), Govt. of India has established a Centre for HPC Upskilling and Knowledge-sharing (C-HUK) to enable the candidates belonging to SC-ST and Women categories with the knowledge and proficiency in the areas of HPC, AI, Embedded and Cyber Security as part of the National Supercomputing Mission (NSM).

The Centre is committed to create the capabilities through 6-months Capacity Building programmes (CBP) and 5-days Faculty Development Programmes (FDPs) for candidates belonging to SC, ST, and Women category from various universities and institutions across the country. The CBP and FDP shall be conducted in Bengaluru and North East in offline mode. The programmes in North Eastern region are being offered in association with C-DAC’s Centre in North East (CINE).

By raising public awareness, the project will draw in candidates from the SC-ST and women's categories and then give them access to resources that will help them advance their technical skills in HPC and related fields. The capacity building programme will be majorly conducted in C-DAC Bangalore and rest in the identified place in North East region.

The centre will also create, curate, customize and host the Blended Learning Programme modules in the areas of HPC and related areas.


PARAM is a series of supercomputers designed and assembled by the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing in Pune, India. PARAM means "supreme" in the Sanskrit language, whilst also creating an acronym for "PARAllel Machine. The PARAM 8000 was the first machine in the series and was built from scratch

PARAM 8000

PARAM 8000, India's 1st Giga-scale supercomputer in 1990. PARAM 8000 is the first machine in the PARAM supercomputers series built from scratch in 1991. A prototype of the PARAM 8000 supercomputer came second in the 1990 Zurich supercomputing show, where it was introduced and tested. PARAM 8000 was launched in the market in August 1991 with a 64-node machine, making it India’s first supercomputer. It was a collaboration of C-DAC and the Institute of computer aided design (ICAD), Moscow. PARAM 8000 was successful with its Inmos T800/T805 transputers, distributed memory MIMD (Multiple Instruction, Multiple Data) architectures, and a reconfigurable interconnection network.


PARAM Padma, 1Teraflop supercomputer in 2002. This was India's first supercomputer to enter the Top500 list of supercomputers of the world (ranked 171 in June 2003). This PARAM supercomputer was launched in 2002 with a storage capacity of 1TB, 248 IBM Power4 1GHz processors, IBM AIX 5.1L Unix OS, and PARAMNet for the main connection.


PARAM Yuva, a 54 Teraflop supercomputer in 2008 (ranked 69 in November 2008) PARAM Yuva II, a 529 Teraflop supercomputer in 2013 (ranked 69 in June 2013). The Center for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) achieved a significant milestone with PARAM Yuva II being ranked 1st in India, 9th in the Asia Pacific Region and 44th in the world among the most power efficient computer systems with performance of 1,760.20 Mega Flops (MFs) per Watt as per the Green500 list released in November' 2013 at the Supercomputing Conference held at Denver, Colorado, USA.

PARAM Brahma

The state-of-the-art supercomputing system is a supercomputing facility is being established at IISER, Pune under build approach of National Supercomputing Mission with a peak computing power of 797 TeraFlops. PARAM Brahma is designed and is being installed by C-DAC to cater to the computational needs of IISER, Pune and nearby Research, Engineering and scientific institutes. The system is built with the latest cutting-edge hardware and software technologies. The uniqueness of this system lies in its highly efficient cooling technology, which is based on direct contact liquid cooling.

PARAM Utkarsh

PARAM Utkarsh is a High Performance Computing System setup at C-DAC, Bangalore under the National Supercomputing Mission (NSM), Government of India. This system offers Artificial Intelligence over Machine Learning & Deep Learning frameworks, Compute and Storage as a cloud service. This leads to reduced turnaround time to market of MSMEs and Startups India, thereby increasing their innovation potential.

Param Siddhi

Param Siddhi ,the high performance computing-artificial intelligence (HPC-AI) supercomputer established under National Supercomputing Mission (NSM) at C-DAC has achieved global ranking of 63 in TOP 500 most powerful non-distributed computer systems in the world released on 16th November 2020.The AI system will strengthen application development of packages in areas such as advanced materials, computational chemistry & astrophysics, and several packages being developed under the mission on platform for drug design and preventive health care system, flood forecasting package for flood prone metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Patna and Guwahati. This will accelerate R&D in our war against COVID-19 through faster simulations, medical imaging, genome sequencing and forecasting and is a boon for Indian masses and for start-Ups and MSMEs in particular.

Team C-HUK

Dr S D Sudarsan

Executive Director C-DAC, Bengaluru

Shri S A Kumar

Advisor C-DAC, Bengaluru

Dr Mohammed Misbahuddin

Scientist 'F' C-DAC, Bengaluru

Dr Sanjay Adiwal

Scientist 'E' C-DAC, Bengaluru

Shri Arun Shankar

Senior Admin Officer C-DAC, Bengaluru

Project Review Committee

Dr. Amudha J

Professor Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham Bengaluru

Shri Ashish Kuvelkar

Scientist 'G' C-DAC Pune

Shri Naveen Kumar

Scientist E/Additional Director MeitY

Dr Divya Vetriveeran

Assistant Professor CHRIST University, Bengaluru

Dr. Rajesh Kondareddy

Assistant Professor Central Institute of Technology Kokrajhar, Assam



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